In the year 1950, amidst the charm of black and white checkered floors, you saunter past the jukebox and settle onto a plush red bar stool. A skilled soda jerk swiftly concocts a refreshing ice cream float infused with Coca-Cola. This ice cream parlor holds a revered status in American lore, celebrated for dishing out one of the nation's most beloved indulgences. From timeless classics like Vanilla or Strawberry to whimsical flavors such as Birthday Cake or Moose Tracks, these varieties reign as the most sought-after ice cream flavors across America. As you peruse through this curated assortment, it's almost certain that you'll find yourself reaching for a cone adorned with a scoop (or perhaps several) in record time!

A vanilla ice cream cone


Since the era of the founding fathers, America's affinity for vanilla ice cream has been deeply rooted. Thomas Jefferson stands credited as the inaugural American to craft an ice cream recipe, with vanilla as its centerpiece. Whether gracing the pinnacle of a pie, blending into a float, or savored solo, vanilla remains a cherished classic.

Scooping chocolate ice cream


Ranking second in popularity among Americans, chocolate emerges as a close contender in the realm of ice cream flavors. However, there's no need to play favorites between the top two, as they harmonize flawlessly when enjoyed together.


A cookies and cream ice cream

Cookies ‘n Cream 

While vanilla ice cream and Oreo Cookies have graced grocery store shelves since the Oreo's inception in 1912, it wasn't until 67 years later that someone ingeniously fused the two desserts.

In 1979, at South Dakota State University, a dairy plant manager embarked on a quest to concoct a novel ice cream flavor. Collaborating with students, they crushed Oreo cookies into ice cream, birthing what would soon become a worldwide sensation: Cookies 'n Cream ice cream. This delectable creation swiftly ascended to claim the title of the third most popular ice cream flavor, leaving a grateful world in its wake.

Strawberry ice cream


Vibrant and bursting with fruity goodness, strawberry ice cream stands as a delightful refresher. Crafted by blending succulent strawberries with creamy vanilla ice cream, it's hardly astonishing that this dessert garners widespread acclaim. In fact, its popularity is so pronounced that it's been honored with its very own day: January 15th marks National Strawberry Ice Cream Day, celebrating the irresistible allure of this beloved treat.

A chocolate ice cream in a cup


Chocolate Chip

Chocolate chip ice cream epitomizes perfection. The inclusion of chocolate chips introduces a delightful crunch, expertly offsetting the smooth creaminess of the vanilla ice cream, resulting in a harmonious symphony of flavors and textures.
A person holding a mint chocolate chip cone

Mint Chocolate Chip 

A delightful departure from the conventional chocolate chip ice cream, this mint-infused variation stands as an original creation. Its renown surged following its appearance at Princess Anne's wedding at Westminster Abbey, where it was fittingly christened Mint Royale.

 A chocolate ice cream dough in a cup

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 

The origins of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream can be traced back to Burlington, Vermont. In 1984, a customer's suggestion on a flavor bulletin board ignited its creation. As soon as it was introduced, it quickly became a beloved sensation among ice cream enthusiasts far and wide.

Ice cream on a plate

Butter Pecan 

Butter Pecan ice cream holds profound historical significance, particularly during the Jim Crow era when Black Americans faced restrictions on purchasing or consuming vanilla ice cream, except on the Fourth of July. Due to the accessibility of pecans, butter pecan ice cream emerged as the flavor of choice within the Black community. Today, it endures as one of the most beloved ice cream flavors nationwide, carrying with it the echoes of a complex and resilient past.

Various ice cream flavors

Birthday Cake 

Birthday cake and ice cream are a match made in heaven, akin to peanut butter and jelly. Crafted with real cake pieces and colorful candy sprinkles, this delightful treat brings the joy of birthdays to any day of the year. There's no need to wait for your special day to indulge in its sweet, celebratory goodness.

A moose tracks ice cream with scattered chocolate fudge

Moose Tracks 

Inspired by a miniature golf course in Marquette, Michigan, Moose Tracks ice cream made its debut at a local ice cream shop nearby. This indulgent treat is a fusion of creamy vanilla ice cream, rich peanut butter, and luscious fudge—earning it the affectionate nickname "a hole-in-one" among aficionados.

Neapolitan ice cream with cherries on top


Neapolitan ice cream stands as the pioneering creation comprising three distinct flavors, inspired by the colors of the Italian flag. Upon its initial introduction, Neapolitan boasted a trifecta of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, offering a delightful symphony of tastes in every scoop.